Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Shoogly Bard website!

Behind the binary code of this blog there is just one bard.  It is a place for those who enjoy the ‘higher’ pleasures of life: politics, history, and literature.  Here at the Bard, I view the world where absolutely everybody follows a purist creed or ideology – acting not because it is rational, but because its simply what their ideology prescribes.  Ideologies have bound man together, but also seperated them into tribes.  The most vociferious puritan can obtain power through the ranks of their associated tribe; however, with puritanism comes incompetence, hypocricy, and malversation.

The Shoogly Bard blog is an open critique of these puritan ideologies within politics, history, literature and Scotland.  Everybody is up for scrutiny and I shall do my best to be non-partisan. As a natural cynic, I find it particularly easy to skewer and lampoon anyone; hence, with no knives to hone, I’ll do non-partisanship a respectible service. Yet, if you feel the site lacks something (either specifically or generally), then tap your inner keyboard warrior and let me know.  I do have an inexplicable interest in socialist history, but only as a matter of fascination and not a matter of advocacy.

Most of all I’m glad you have serendipidously landed on my splendid blog, where you are free to look around and peruse all things political, historical, literary, and Scottish. Making this page a slice of the online community is the aim, where people can come and engage with the content.  Hence, I’d much appreciate it if you told me I was wrong about something (naturally, I rarely am) or, preferably gave me a gold star if you think it’s worthy.  This blogging shenanigan is done merely for the pleasure, to hear other bloggers’ opinions would be a dream (albeit not a total pipe-dream).

Having grown up in Glasgow, Scotland, and explored this country extensively, my roots run deep – hence, the distinct Scottish theme to the blog.  Scottish politics, history, and literature is cavernous, so much so, from a young age I’ve had a inextinguishable love for it.  Scots politics is an extremely complex beast, so I will try to keep the majority of posts Scottish; however, there will be something un-Scottish in here if you fancy.

The idea for this blog developed in my damp, cold, rodent-infested tenement flat when I was studying in Glasgow.  A long time later, I finally found the time and emotional vigor to get the writing engine running.  Writing is my livelihood, reading the nutrition.

Originally, I started out as a life science graduate, however, I had always loved Scottish novels and non-fiction.  So now, I’m a teacher and a writer.  Long story short, the Shoogly Bard was born from a few ‘ones’ and ‘zeros’.  The goal of this site is to get you, dear reader, involved in this process of debate.  If there is anything that you think I should be writing about, don’t be shy, get in contact.

Lastly, enjoy the blog, subscribe to those pesky emails to keep you up to speed, give me a star and follow the Bard for the latest on the site.  I can reward loyal followers with that warm, fuzzy feeling when you stumble upon some you like.


The Shoogly Bard

P.S. Definition –  Shoogly (/ˈʃʊɡli/) adjective: a Scottish word meaning unsteady; wobbly.